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Advanced clinical practice for nurses: Health Education England framework and pillars

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Advanced clinical practice is a vital component of the healthcare system, enabling registered nurses to provide the highest quality patient-centred care. As healthcare is constantly evolving, it is increasingly important for registered nurses to understand and navigate the various pathways towards advanced clinical practice. This article reviews the Health Education England framework, setting out its four pillars, and discusses the value of academic and professional development, mentorship and interprofessional collaboration.

Health Education England framework

The Health Education England framework serves as a guide for healthcare professionals, including registered nurses, to develop competencies for advanced clinical practice (Health Education England (HEE), 2021). The framework highlights four pillars of advanced practice:

  • clinical practice
  • leadership and management
  • education
  • research

These pillars provide a foundation for registered nurses who are aspiring to advance their roles and deliver high-quality patient care.

The four pillars of advanced clinical practice

Clinical practice

The clinical practice pillar

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Barry Hill

Aby Mitchell

Sadie Diamond-Fox

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