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What are my responsibilities in reporting malpractice?

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There are two types of situation that may lead you to report malpractice. The first relates specifically to those whose names appear on a professional register, such as nurses and doctors, and is usually termed professional misconduct. The second is malpractice by anyone within the care area or concerns about poor standards.

Professional misconduct

Nurses are advised to discuss any concerns they have about a registered colleague with their employer in the first instance (NMC, 2008b). Table 1.1 lists the most common types of professional misconduct reported to the NMC.

Therefore, you need to be sure of your facts and give a clear factual account of your concerns, that means stating what has actually occurred rather than what you suspect may have occurred. If you can get other witnesses to support your concerns, all the better. If there are no other witnesses, record all the facts including date and time

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