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What can I do about bullying within the organisation?

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Bullying is increasingly being recognised as a problem. Indeed, an RCN survey revealed that up to one in six nurses is subject to bullying at work (Pearce, 2001). If you are being bullied, you will generally want it to stop. However, as a nurse you probably also have a professional duty to take action if you are aware that someone else is being bullied. Although the NMC Code of Professional Conduct (NMC, 2008a) does not make explicit mention of bullying, it does state that there is a duty to report circumstances in the care environment that could jeopardise standards of practice. It would be hard to imagine anyone delivering a high standard of care if they were subject to bullying. There is probably also a duty placed on you by your employer through local policies which outline action that should be taken if you are aware of bullying. How do

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Kevin Power

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