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Prioritising physical health for nurses

By Ian Peate - Professor of Nursing and Editor in Chief of British Journal of Nursing (BJN) First published: Last updated:


As a part of their work, nurses frequently encounter physical, mental, emotional and ethical challenges. Nurses also engage in emotional conversations with patients and their families, as well as challenging physical, social and ethical issues.

This combination of stresses and demands impact a nurse’s health and wellbeing and, in turn, will affect the nurse’s work, increasing the risk of errors and compromising patient safety and care. Amid demanding schedules and the high-stress environments, the nurse’s physical health will often take a backseat.

This article explores the importance of prioritising physical health for nurses, offering tips on physical health that can be integrated into their daily routines and highlighting the benefits of a well-rounded lifestyle.

Physical activity

Physical activity has significant benefits for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Despite the numerous benefits, around one in three men and one in two women are not considered active enough to

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Ian Peate

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