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The Power of Optimism

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The Positive Psychology Wellbeing Toolkit for Nurses Series - The Power of Optimism

This is the twelfth article of The Positive Psychology Wellbeing Toolkit for Nurses Series

Key points

  • Positive psychology is about the presence of happiness and not just that absence of unhappiness
  • Positivity is demonstrated by increasing ways of finding positive aspects to circumstances
  • Demonstrating optimism shows positive benefits to health and a higher quality of life

This twelfth article outlines a range of optimism based interventions that recognises the importance of optimism for staff wellbeing.

The last 20 years has seen an explosion in the study of positive psychology (Macfarlane, 2019). It will leave a lasting legacy to help bring interest and understanding to nursing practice. Focussing on the work of the individuals themselves helps bring the topics to life and off the shelves and websites. The study of optimism leads us to Professor Martin Seligman who

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Jan Macfarlane

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