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The Power of Positivity

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The Positive Psychology Wellbeing Toolkit for Nurses Series - The Power of Positivity

Key points

  • Positive psychology is an umbrella term for the recent expansion of the scientific study of wellbeing
  • The potential to increase positivity lies within individual choice
  • Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to adapt to circumstances

This initial article outlines a range of positive psychology interventions that recognises the importance of maintaining staff wellbeing.

Positive psychology interventions naturally lift the mood in the short term and if continued are effective in improving long-term physical and psychological health by encouraging positivity.

They are a safe way to handle our thoughts and emotions to reduce anxiety, anger, self-doubt and improve our range of coping strategies.

Why nurses?

Nursing involves:

  • long hours
  • diminished resources in terms of beds and staff
  • emotional demands

Most people want to be happy at work and do a good job and

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Jan Macfarlane