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The Power of Social Connectivity

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The Positive Psychology Wellbeing Toolkit for Nurses Series - The Power of Social Connectivity

This is the fifth article of The Positive Psychology Wellbeing Toolkit for Nurses Series

Key points

  • Social connectivity is a core psychological need that is necessary for life satisfaction
  • It usually takes five positive interactions to balance up one single negative one
  • Skills and interventions are not an overnight fix and require developing and strengthening by regular practice

This fifth article outlines a range of social connectivity based interventions that recognises the importance of maintaining staff wellbeing.

Science indicates that one of the most effective ways to positively improve our happiness is to develop new connections with the people around us, as well as reaffirming those with people we already know (Huppert, 2008; Seligman, 2011).

What is social connectivity?

Social connection relates to belonging and feeling close to others. Pavey et al (2011) suggest this is

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Jan Macfarlane

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