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Migrant and refugee health

By Ian Peate - Professor of Nursing and Editor in Chief of British Journal of Nursing (BJN) First published: Last updated:

Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers encounter a number of challenges when accessing healthcare services. This article explores some of the key issues that migrants face with regards to healthcare in the UK, as well as the approaches that nurses and healthcare organisations can take to reduce these barriers. This article uses the term ‘migrant’ to include ‘immigrants’, ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’, however these terms are not interchangeable and have important distinctions, as outlined in the ‘Migrant status’ section below.


Developing insights into the circumstances of and barriers faced by migrants when it comes to accessing healthcare is the first step towards improving care outcomes for this vulnerable group of people. Nurses can encounter migrants at various points in healthcare settings, and play an important role in supporting their diverse needs.

People across the globe seek to rebuild their lives in different countries for a number of reasons. Some leave

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Ian Peate

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