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Safeguarding adults - signs of abuse

Peter Ellis - Independent Nursing, Health and Social Care Consultant, Writer and Educator First published: Last updated:

There are many different forms which the abuse of adults can take, each of which may be indicated by a variety of signs and symptoms. Nurses should be aware of what these are so they can adequately identify and respond to abuse affecting people they might be caring for.

It is important than nurses have some understanding of the various signs and symptoms of abuse and which forms of abuse these indicate in order to be able to respond in a meaningful way. Nurses are reminded that when they suspect abuse, they should follow local safeguarding processes and report it.

The following sections will identify the known signs of abuse as discussed in the safeguarding literature. Nurses are reminded that as all individuals are unique, the ways in which people will demonstrate they are being abused will differ and that some people may be subject to more than one form

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