Welcome to the BJN inform CPD revalidation guide

Our CPD logs are designed to align seamlessly with the Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC) revalidation guidelines, ensuring a smooth and efficient revalidation process.

Video tutorial

For a visual walkthrough, watch our CPD Functionality video. It provides step-by-step guidance on utilising BJN inform's CPD features.

Getting started

  1. Navigate to your CPD log:
    • Once logged in, locate your CPD log in the My BJNi section.
  2. NMC compliance:
    • Our CPD logs strictly adhere to the NMC's revalidation guidelines, providing a reliable and compliant tool for your professional development.
  3. CPD dashboard:
    • Monitor your progress and deadlines effortlessly with the CPD dashboard.
  4. Flexible application due date:
    • Set and modify your revalidation application due date according to your preferences.
– Find your CPD log under My BJNi.

Adding articles to your CPD log

  1. Simple article addition:
    • Visit the article and find the option to add it to your CPD log on the bottom right hand of the page.
  2. Guided completion:
    • A pop-up will guide you through filling in essential details such as date of completion, learning method, topic covered, time spent, link to the Code and Standards of Proficiency.
  3. Editing fields:
    • Easily edit CPD log fields directly through the article page.
  4. Automatic dashboard updates:
    • Your dashboard is automatically updated with your progress for real-time tracking.
– Add on or off-platform activities to your CPD log.

Enhanced features

  1. Off-platform activities:
    • Add off-platform activities to your log with ease, ensuring a comprehensive record.
  2. Diverse activity types:
    • Remember to use the appropriate 'Type of CPD' when adding off-platform activities.
  3. CPD log editing:
    • Edit CPD logs for any entry through the CPD dashboard.
  4. Sorting and removal:
    • Sort your CPD log entries by oldest or newest first, and remove any entries that are no longer needed.

Advanced functions

  1. Download options:
    • Download your CPD log as a CSV or PDF file for your convenience.
  2. NMC compliance:
    • Obtain your CPD log in a format compliant with NMC revalidation guidelines.
  3. Archiving:
    • Archive your CPD logs as needed for organised record-keeping.
  4. Easy access to archives:
    • Access previous archives conveniently through the CPD log dashboard.
– Download your CPD log in csv or pdf formats.

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