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The role of the clinical research nurse in supporting cancer clinical trials

Anne Croudass - RN MSc Lead Research Nurse Cancer Research UK Sandie Wellman - RN MSc Lead NMAHPs clinical research delivery Oxford University Hospitals First published: Last updated:


Clinical research nurses play a vital role in delivering clinical research in cancer and improving patient care and treatment pathways. The role requires specialist knowledge of both cancer as well as the set up and delivery of clinical research within the NHS. The role encompasses advanced clinical, managerial and administrative skills, as it involves supporting patients through screening, consenting and treatment in clinical trials, as well as collecting accurate and extensive data.

The clinical research nurse also liaises with the wider multidisciplinary team, regulatory authorities and other clinical areas to set up and deliver clinical trials. In cancer clinical research, nurses work with patients at every stage of their disease, supporting them to make decisions about their care and study participation from first diagnosis through to later stages. The role is rewarding and stimulating, enabling nurses to develop their clinical and managerial skills.

Background: clinical trials and the

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Anne Croudass

Sandie Wellman

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