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Let's get the work-life balance right

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If the NHS embraces the new work practices it has adopted in the pandemic, it will improve staff wellbeing and retention and become an excellent employer
Sam Foster (2021), Chief Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals

NHS staff wellbeing and work–life balance is a priority for the NHS. However, we do not currently have a systematic approach to one key area that could increase retention: flexible working. A landmark case, reported by Parry (2021) involving a nurse dismissed for not agreeing to work weekends, is to be reviewed after she successfully appealed—and is likely to highlight where the NHS needs to be.

There are already plans (Ford, 2021) to scrap a range of restrictions around NHS flexible working requests from September 2021 following agreement between the NHS and unions aiming to boost work–life balance and staff retention. This agreement, it was stated, had been made at a time

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Sam Foster

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